Garth & Megan Full Shot


I believe your wedding ceremony is a unique, extremely special, Godly occasion. Ensuring that the person officiating your ceremony is confident, gifted, patient, experienced, and brings more to the table than just getting the job done with the bare minimum is crucial. I want to help ensure your special is the best it can be.

I’m the Associate Pastor of Faith Chapel church in San Diego. I’ve been in full-time ministry for over 10 years and have done dozens of weddings. No matter where you faith is, I’m happy to work with you. Many engaged couples want a deep spiritual wedding ceremony and some prefer not. I want to bless you by making your ceremony the best it can be no matter what you believe. I want you to be happy!

Though, I must say that I believe marriage is absolutely sacred and I believe you’re making a covenant one with another before God. This is for a lifetime! Marriage is forever and should be engaged couples wanting to work with me should agree with me on this truth.

I’ve performed weddings of all different kinds…FUNNY, INTIMATE, CREATIVE, SHORT N’ SWEET, LONGER AND DETAILED, INSIDE/OUTSIDE, TRADITIONAL, MODERN…you name it. I want your unique personality to be seen and celebrated through the ceremony where oneness between you and your spouse is occurring.

I’m available for pre-martial counseling if you would prefer. Whether it’s 2 sessions, 4 sessions or 6 sessions. (There is an additional charge for pre-marital sessions) I believe it’s crucial to spend adequate amount of time preparing yourself for marriage, not just preparing for your wedding day.

My wife and I are going on 12 years of marriage and we have 2 beautiful children, a girl named Emma (7) and a boy named Judah (5).